Friday, August 20, 2010

Education Week

Oh how I've been enjoying Education Week! This was the first year I could really go, seeing as the last 2 years I was already teaching the new school year by now. Its been such a treat to be back on my campus! Sitting in the classes and learning for pure enjoyment has made me really appreciate the education I did get at BYU, and appreciate being done with some ridiculous classes, especially as I sat in the same rooms I had Organic Chemistry and Nutrition. Sick. How fun to go to so many parenting and mothering classes, among some random ones like "Building Your Classical Music Library" and one of today's classes "A Positive Look at the Latter-day Saint Concept of Hell". I also think that my mother would make a most excellent speaker! Keep applying, Mom, you'd do great, and I'd go to all your classes!

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