Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Step Stools, Swimming, and Surprises

I love being able to help out with cooking and watching the kids, but I'm so short in this 'tall person' house! I need help reaching the tupperware, the pantry food, Ammon's diapers, etc. We'll have to pull out a step stool for when I'm babysitting without a full-size adult in the house :)
One of the sisters in Carla's ward does a water aerobics class every M, W, F at 5:15am!! Its early, but I love having a workout program since I'm not training for a marathon this summer. Turns out, I LOVE water aerobics! Our instructor makes it a great workout and I think it relieves some of the pressure on my squishes organs. I love feeling like I'm working every muscle in my body well and not by pounding the pavement or stressing out the meatball.
Speaking of the little one, Jason finally was able to feel him kick last night!! All week, I've been like, "You can't feel this?" with his hand on my belly, but last night, the baby was moving like crazy and I could prove that I haven't been making this pregnancy up!

Here's his kicking leg. How does he have all that room to extend it all the way?!


Sabrina said...

I love water aerobics, especially when it's so hot. It feels wonderful to be getting exercise while being cooled off in the pool. Glad you are reunited and things are going well in H town.

Crissa Pollmann Robertson said...

Just wanted to let you know I gave you the Sunshine Award on my blog.

Thanks for always bringing a smile to my day!

PS. I didn't forget about you for the pioneer dress. I actually can't get off work to go to trek. Thanks anyway! I will remember you next time I need one though.