Monday, August 18, 2014

Oh, July

Here's July in summary!
 We spent a lot of time at the beach!  Its hard to pass up when it is just down the street. 
 The boys just dig like little dogs and its remarkable how much sand we bring home with us every time.
 Oh, my boys and their plaid shorts! We went to Jason's annual summer work party, and homeboy got his first tat.  It stayed on solid for at least two weeks.
 We've so enjoyed having Braden and Lauren here with us this summer!  Cute newlyweds.  Lauren and I had a few painting nights where we made fun 4th-y banners.
 We walked through the Arnold Arboretum one day with Diana and Mom (see below), and my new calling is with the 8-11 year old girls doing Activity Days!  We have so much fun!  Cuties.
 Mom Millar also came to visit and we celebrated Diana's birthday with mustaches, of course!  We also hit up our favorite Giacomo's.  Oh, their Diavolo sauce...
 The zoo was a must this summer, and the attack gorilla was a hit.  Parley jammed a few coins our car's cd player, and Jason learned how to take apart and install car sound systems!  He did a great job--our new one is pretty bling.
The boys are quickly learning which stores have "car" shopping carts and which ones have horses to ride on.  They are pretty good shoppers and just so enthusiastic about everything!  Lastly, the 5 of us have had a good run.  We're so glad Marc is finally here to be reunited with Diana!  Families are meant to be together!

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