Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pie Part II

Remember how I got the flu literally just before we sat down for Thanksgiving dinner?  Good thing ward Christmas parties mean more jello and more pie!!

Link & I had fun with this one this morning.
 I can't believe how long he spent cutting things out over and over again.  He won't really do anything with playdough except take it in and out of the container, so I guess cookie cutters are the way to his heart.
Get this, you can mix one egg yolk with a drop of food coloring and paint pie crust cut-outs!  Pretty huh.  I bet you could get way fancy with different Fall colors.

 Ya, they look delicious, but they're just nasty pie crust pieces with egg yolk painted on!
 Did I disguise tree leaves as holly well enough?


Jessica and McKay said...

THats really cute. And I like your wreath too. i miss making them, I want to them again.

Job and Rachael said...

lovely! You are a pie artist! :)