Thursday, June 28, 2012

My 2-Month Chunk

What is happening?!  Stop growing so fast!!  I was planning on fitting Parley in this basket till month 12, and did not expect him fill it head to foot in TWO MONTHS!  I guess I should have expected this when at his 2-week appt. (when babies are just supposed to have reached their birth weight again), he had done that and put another pound and a half on top.  I'm convinced that my super-eaters are the reason I can lose so much weight so fast and still eat like a teenage boy. 
Parley continues to be Angel-Baby.  He is hardly any work at all.  He is the best smiler, hates getting the hiccups, usually sleeps a 6-hr stretch at night, and is such a conversationalist!  As soon as you lock eye-contact, he will coo and squeal and babble your ear off!  I can't get over how much in love with this baby I am.

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Natalie and Steve said...

Oh stop growing so I can see you small....whenever it is that we get to see you again...