Friday, March 4, 2011

The Sewing Machine Saga

Now I'm not one to post lengthy blogs, but this is some story. I've been trying to settle the matters of getting my new sewing machine for the last 2 1/2 months. I've never had a problem with eBay, and I always make sure the sellers are top-rated with excellent feedback and a long history. I purchased through eBay because this $900 machine was being sold for roughly $300, new in box. That being said:
    • Dec 19 Bid on my dream machine
    • Dec 21 Lost bid, but the buyer fell through, so I was given 2nd chance offer
    • Dec 22 Purchased machine, asked seller if she could hold it for a week, then send it straight to Boston since we were moving over the break
    • Jan 02 Dropped off my old machine to my mom in exchange for money off my phone bill
    • Jan 07 Still no machine, asked seller to send it, she said she's snowed in
    • Jan 19 She asked if I had recieved the machine yet
    • Jan 26 She realized she never sent it, and would get it out "Friday"
    • Feb 02 Still no machine, she said she had a family matter come up and she would refund my money
    • Feb 03 Purchased machine from seller #2
    • Feb 08 Receive totally wrong machine model (a much cheaper, less advanced machine), sent an angry email
    • Feb 09 Seller #2 said it was an honest mistake and told to send back the wrong machine, I said 'ya right' and held it hostage
    • Feb 10 Seller #2 said she would send out the correct machine "Friday"
    • Feb 15 Still hadn't recieved refund from Seller #1, filed a complaint
    • Feb 16 Money refunded, but still no machine from Seller #2
    • Feb 21 Opened a case with eBay to solve the problem
    • Feb 28 Still no response from Seller #2, so eBay sent me a free shipping label to return the wrong machine and refunded my money, again
    • Mar 01 Purchased the machine for the 3rd time from a non-eBay sewing machine store for $370, fine
(But meanwhile I had seven bridesmaids dresses to do up, so I was borrowing machines from sisters in the ward. The wedding was today, and that is a whole 'nother blog yet to come)
Mar 04 FINALLY opened the box of my brand new Singer Curvy 8770. Totally worth the wait and the time it took to save up for it. Here is why this is one incredible machine that I've had my eye on for, dare I say, years. In the half hour I've sewn on it tonight, I've wanted to weep over how superior it is to anything I've ever worked on before. I would liken it unto someone's first ride in a new car after getting around on a bike for the past decade.


Diana said...

That was quite the saga! I'm glad it finally worked out.

Sabrina said...

Wow, what an ebay nightmare! I am glad you at least got refunds and found your machine with a price tag you wanted to pay. I have a friend down here who has a fancy sewing machine and says she could never go back. I don't even dare touch hers for fear of breaking it ;)

Mom Millar said...

I'm so happy you finally have your machine Camille! You're going to have lots of fun now. Is there a fabric store nearby, or do you have a stash?

Happy sewing!

Camille Millar said...

Thanks Mom! I do have quite a stash of scraps to use up :)

Natalie said...

I'm happy to hear you got your dream machine! And for so little!