Friday, February 18, 2011


We realized that we, the parents, haven't boughten a single thing for our boy! We've been so blessed with hand-me-downs from aunts, sisters, mothers, and friends that we've been so taken care of! Now with a few paychecks in the bank, we bought our first baby purchase: a little baby chair for Lincoln! Its a knock-off brand of Bumbo, but this Lionheart model has bigger leg holes, so this baby's thighs will fit in it a few more months. Best. Purchase. Ever. Its so fun to have him sit with us at the dinner table! And it'll be a great high chair while we're a little cramped for space in this apartment. Lately, it works great to have him sit in it on my sewing desk eye-level with me and we can chat away while I sew stuff. These 7 bridesmaids dresses are almost done, halleluah!