Friday, November 5, 2010

What I Love about Being a Mom:

Absolutely everything! I think I had such realistically low expectations about things like recovery, sleep deprivation, baby fussiness, getting the weight off, the potential of getting an ugly baby, etc. that I'm pleasantly surprised about everything! Freak, according to my scale, I'm already 5 lbs. below my pre-pregnancy weight!

However, I guess I wasn't warned and didn't realize that I'd be nursing absolutely ALL the time! Honestly, I should have thought about all this time that I'd be immobile, just sitting for 45 minutes 8-10x/day, especially during night feedings when I'm trying to keep it dark and quiet. He's a champ about going right back to bed during the night, then 8 am hits, and he will absolutely not sleep in his crib anymore, smart boy. I'm amazed how great I feel for not sleeping more than a 3-hour stretch in the last 3 weeks! Lots of short REM cycles = lots of crazy dreams, is that right?

So I've talked with new mothers who absolutely dread being pregnant again, and the thought of another pregnancy and childbirth is just exhausting to them, yet after having this little one, I find myself constantly thinking about the next one! I really loved being pregnant, and the delivery wasn't terrible, thank you epidural. I get sad thinking about how quickly this adorable newborn stage will go by, and then I remember that I can just have another one and experience it all over again! I can do this whole thing over and over again, the planning, the waiting and anticipating the next pregnancy test, the joy in a positive, the first heartbeat appointment, the gender ultrasound, the name picking, the excitement for the day I get to meet him/her!! Oh, I think I was just born to be a mother!


Elise said...

I love that feeling right after having a baby. It usually lasts a couple of months for me before I hit my (temporary) hormones-changing downward slump, then I'm back on cloud nine again!

You are definitely made to be a mother. Your future kids have to be so excited about that!

Natalie said...

You'll definitely miss the newborn stage, but the scooting and the crawling and then the walking are all SO fun! But yes, I miss having him teeny and falling asleep in my arms.

Mary said...

Yes! I believe that we're born to be mothers too. And you make a great one. ;-) With such a little doll-baby too! Enjoy him!!!