Monday, March 8, 2010

Pirate Wedding

I've told a lot of you about this wedding I was commissioned for, the wedding that is to take place on a pirate ship--the Jolly Rodger--in Vegas in July. The task was to make the groom's attire to immitate that of Barbossa from Pirates, except in the wedding colors, of course.
The bride and I sent back and forth pictures of fabrics, trim, and buttons till we could compromise on something (her fiance was the pickiest of all). I told her she'd have to purchase these $3.99 buttons she was in love with, since I needed 24 for the coat alone. I kept my costs under $70 and charged $415 for the shirt, pants, vest, and coat. However, this ensemble sent me all over town, calling with bar code numbers to all the local Joanns. I ended up going as far as Taylorsville for the green and had to special order a few things so I was stuck with nothing to do for a week here and there while the shipment came in. And here is my resident model:
The best part: her seaweed wedding dress. I really can't wait to see the wedding pictures.
I deal with the crazies, don't I.


Tim and Maria Jones said...

Great job, Camille! That coat is gorgeous!

Sarah H said...

Wow, that is awesome.

A Close Family said...

Poppy, it turned out SO good! You are amazing!

Natalie said...

Gosh, you made all that? You are crazy-good. YOu know that, right?!!