Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Canon EOS 450D

We got a new camera!! We used our tax return we will hopefully be getting this Spring! For anyone not in the Millar family, you probably didn't realize how they are really big camera people, so we had lots of experts to give us advice and help us through this overwhelming purchase! PS--Thank you Brett for your late night tutorials with Jason :) Now we fit in the family, right?
I'm ecstatic about picking up a new hobby! What better time than now?! For happiness, I believe, is in making plans, learning new things, reaching goals, and showing them off, yes? Please bear with us as our next thousand pictures are in trial-and-error phase.


Sabrina said...

Yes, now you finally fit in ;) I am sure you'll have a lot of fun.

Bill said...

Oh dear... You're a... a Canon person...

Nikon forever! ;-)