Monday, October 12, 2009

Twilight Revisited

I finally finished the Twilight series! (Only 6 months behind the rest of the world) I really enjoyed it! Again, I'm not much a reader, so I was surprised how intrigued I was with it. Throughout the series, I kept thinking about how romantic everyone (including myself) finds it that Bella & Edward will be together forever in the endless state of having beauty, power, and immortality, and I could smugly smile and think, "Ya, me & Jason will have all that too" :) What a beautiful thing, as a member of our Church, to know with certainty that if we live this life to our utmost, in a sense, we will live this life of trials and weak bodies and fears, inevitably experience death, but then go through a process of refining and changing, until we are beautiful and powerful, and we have our eternal companion FOREVER!! I guess I hadn't thought about the beauty of being with someone you love for eternity until I read about it from a ficticious character's personal account! Perhaps Stephanie Meyers was alluding to this celestial marriage thing all along, or maybe I just like sucking out religious meaning from every experience, even a fantasy novel. Needless to say, you can bet your bottom dollar that we'll be seeing "New Moon" the night it comes out, even if it is on our one-year anniversay while we vacation in St. George :)


Valerie said...

Amen! I like it. Love the picture comparison, too :)

Natalie said...

Thanks for those thoughts.

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